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Trace Heating System For Long Pipelines

CALGEN traces are multi-stranded nichrome wire insulated with PTFE to give high temperature rating and weather proofing braided with glass yarn for efficient heat transfer and H type varnish coating . Ideally suited for fuel pipelines carrying Furnace/LSHS/Post FCC oils/Other viscous oils in process pipelines/storage tanks. CALGEN electrical heat tracing is a process of applying heat to the external surface of tank/pipe to maintain specific temperature of the contents.

Advantages For Electric Tracing Over Steam Tracing

  • COST

Electric tracing system is very much cheaper than steam tracing .Pipes,fittings & system used for steam generation not necessary for electric tracing. Hence saving factor of 40% to 50%.

Heat loss in electric tracing is negligible over steam tracing due to its high insulation.

Maintenance cost of electric tracing is almost negligible since there is no corrosion, leakage & pollution when compared to steam tracing.

Electric tracing system can be installed very easily when compared to steam tracing.

Calgen Heating Tapes

They have a wide range of applications and can be designed to heat any complicated structure i.e., valves, filters, storage tanks, pumps, process pipelines, motors etc.,

Salient features

    Uniform heating

    High flexibility

    Light weight

    Elegant look

    Very high efficiency

    Temperature up to 8000C

    Easy handling

Applications of Heating jackets

    Process plants

    Oil & Gas Production

    R&D Equipments. Any other process heating.

    Petro Chemicals & Refineries

    Pipelines & Storage Tanks

    Refrigeration Equipment Environment

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