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Mica band heaters


For every form of cylinder and barrel heating e.g. injection moulding and extrusion machines, blow moulding etc,

For drum heating and other circular tanks.

May be supplied to heat internal diameters.

Design Features:

Standard mica band heaters are supplied as one piece units with integral clamping.

Nozzle heaters may be supplied fully sealed against ingress of plastic material.

All band heaters are manufactured with a smooth pressure formed finish to avoid hot spots.

Optional features include:

Hinged band heaters or band heaters in two halves.

Flexible or elliptical band heaters.

Separate clamping band or slide clip fixing.

Two or three heats.

Thermocouple holes and/or slots

Technical Data Diameters from 1” to 20” in one piece, widths form 3/4” 12”.

N.B For most beneficial heat transfer the diameter should be greater than the width.

Surface ratings from 20 to 50 watt/inch2- the lower loading on the larger sizes.

Standard minimum gap - 1/4” (cold)

Sealed nozzle heaters include 3” of protective metal sheath where the leads enter the casing.


24” insulated leads as standard.

Alternatively: terminal housing, scraping earth socket or Reyorolle plug.

Heaters are manufactured against orders along with sample / drawing / detailed specifications.

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