Duct Heaters

Electric ovens, re-circulating ovens, comfort heating and air conditioning ducts, air tempering, temperature boosting conversion. Design Features High temperature SS sheathed tubular elements permit temperature up to 750C and are field replaceable.

Heavy gauge SS/ G. Steel mounting flange is corrosion resistant, prevents oxidation and helps promote longer life. Technical Data SS sheathed tubular elements with fins permits temperatures of 450 C maximum with 25 C. incoming air flow at velocities as low as 550 FPM.*at minimum air velocity of 360 sfpm (when air flow is 200 - 360 sfpm, outlet air temperatures must be limited to 450 C maximum to assure satisfactory heater life).

Removable end plates on the terminal box permits auxiliary cooling of element terminals in extremely high temperature operation. Perforated grills are available for installing in place of the end plates natural convection air flow across the terminals.

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