Ceramic Infrared Elements

Ceramic infrared elements are manufactured with sophistication and global standards. Well known for proven quality and offer great value and benefits to the end use. These cost effective heating provide the best solutions for manufacturers’ heating problem. Infrared Heating The advanced way

These world class elements are made to be very efficient in use of energy, infrared plays a vital role in helping manufacturing process in:

    Increases output rate

    Enhances quality

    Economical in energy utilization

    Reduces manufacturing costs

Need for Infrared Heating solutions:

The basic principles of heat transfer are: Convection, conduction, radiation. Infrared radiation is a part electro-magnetic spectrum which includes visible light, ultra violet and radio waves. Unlike convection or conduction, infrared radiation does not rely on any intervening medium to transfer heat energy from source to object to be heated. Hence infrared heating solution is:

Very effective : Very high rates of heat transfer could be achieved.

Highly efficient: Precise targeting and control is possible with minimal peripheral heat loss.

Rapid Transmission:Energy transmitted at the speed of light from source to object.

Environment friendly:No process of combustion, hence it is very clean. No forced air currents to convey contaminants to the product.


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