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Alkaline Immersion Heaters

These heating elements can be supplied in SS304/316/316L/Incoloy /Titanium specify the chemical / Acid to heat, to enable us to suggest heater sheath.

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SS sheathed, loop form elements designed for immersion heating of liquids by hanging over the side of open tanks.

SS 304 / 316 / Incoloy 800 sheath material

Sheath diameter 11mm OD (8mm OD for 1000w models)

Splash proof terminal boxes

Flame Proof terminal protection covers can also be supplied

These elements are intended for heating of mild alkaline solutions, detergent solutions, clean, wash, rinse water etc., particularly in plating shops. However their simplicity, ease of installation and portability makes them attractive to all industries for heating of water or solutions not injurious to SS / Incoloy 800.

As a general guide, 1KW will raise 10 litres of water from 20 0C to 90 0C in one hour, allowing approx., 20% for heat losses.

CALGENĀ® brand Alkali and Acid immersion heaters as per IS 4159 (tubular hair pin bend)

Combination radiant and convection heaters for ovens, air spaces between containers and outside walls and thermoforming machines. Contact heaters placed in grooves, milled in metal plates, wrapped around or laid alongside pipes, held against metal containers. Cast-in heaters are formed tubular heaters placed in aluminum, brass, or silicon bronze castings. Typical uses are for heat sealing platens, barrel heating of extruders, and plastic injection molding machines. Heating of irregular or non-symmetrical surfaces and cast tanks with built in heaters.

Tubular heaters are often used to heat substances directly. Typical examples are steam boilers, and laboratory water baths. Tubular heaters can be supplied four ways, welded or brazed to bulk head fittings, steel plates, pipe flanges, and N.P.T pipe plugs. Economy: When high temperature, physical and electrical strength are required, Heaters India tubular heaters provide the most economical solution to hundreds of heating applications.

Basic sheath recommendations

Type Watts Volts Vertical Length Cold Zone Price(Rs.)
CAIH/10/460 1000 230 460 150  
CAIH/20/610 2000 230 610 150  
CAIH/20/730 2000 230 730 300  
CAIH/30/870 3000 230 870 300  
CAIH/10/540 1000 230 540 150  
CAIH/20/730 2000 230 730 300  
CAIH/30/870 3000 230 870 300  
CAIH/40/1000 4000 230 1000 300  
CAIH/50/1300 5000 230 1300 300  
CAIH/60/1540 6000 230 1540 300  

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