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Air Heaters

Heaters India tubular heaters are the most versatile and widely used source of heat throughout the industry, for commercial, industrial and scientific heating applications.

The Basic construction of a tubular heater - it is a helical coil of nickel chromium alloy wire, precisely centered in a metal tube. Surrounding the coil is the best combination of electrical insulator and heat conductor Magnesium Oxide.

After the tube is filled with MgO, it is compacted by rolling or swaging. This elongates the tube, thickens the wire and compresses the MgO into rock hard mass. The coil is thus permanently stabilized in the centre of the tube where it will not shift during the bending process; the circular cross section with its even distribution of the forces of expansion offers the best combination of life, thermal conductivity and die-electric strength.


  • Heat Output
  • Versatility
  • Economy
  • Application

The highest quality materials and construction techniques enable HI tubular heaters to offer the maximum heat output (max., watts per sq., inch of sheath surface at any given temperature. The same factors provide the longest possible operating life under less severe conditions.

Heaters India tubular heaters can be designed in a wide range of electric ratings, diameters, lengths and sheath materials, with various termination styles. Due to the construction characteristics, the heating element is electrically isolated from the sheath. This allows for forming them into virtually any shape - wrap around machine parts, brazed or welded to any metal surface, cast into metals immersed in liquids or used as convection or radiant heaters. Reliability: Heaters India Tubular heaters are unequaled in their resistance to shock, vibration, corrosion, high-temperature and moisture condensations. They are unexcelled by any other form of electric heating element for reliability and ruggedness.

When high temperature, physical and electrical strength are required, Heaters India tubular heaters provide the most economical solution to hundreds of heating applications.

Combination radiant and convection heaters for ovens, air spaces between containers and outside walls and thermoforming machines. Contact heaters placed in grooves, milled in metal plates, wrapped around or laid alongside pipes, held against metal containers. Cast-in heaters are formed tubular heaters placed in aluminum, brass, or silicon bronze castings. Typical uses are for heat sealing platens, barrel heating of extruders, and plastic injection molding machines. Heating of irregular or non-symmetrical surfaces and cast tanks with built in heaters. Tubular heaters are often used to heat substances directly. Typical examples are steam boilers, and laboratory water baths. Tubular heaters can be supplied four ways, welded or brazed to bulk head fittings, steel plates, pipe flanges, and N.P.T pipe plugs.


    Metal heating: Platens, nozzle heating, pre-heating, and stress relieving of welds, roller heating for paper and film, corrugating roller heating.

    Radiant heating: Vacuum forming, shrink wrapping, and (blister packing).

    Design Features: The heater comprises a nickel chrome/kanthal spiral concentrically supported in an outer Sheath which is then filled with high grade refractory insulation and finally compacted by swaging the outer sheath.


    copper, stainless steel, incoloy, mild steel, titanium, aluminum, (protective finish e.g., plating when required).

    Supplied either fully annealed in straight lengths or formed to suit desired configuration. May also be finned for maximum heat dissipation.

    Terminations - screwed terminals, flexible leads, AMP TAGS, or flag terminals, mounting flanges, threaded bushes, or compression fittings may be incorporated.

Technical Details (Max recommended sheath temperatures 7500C)

    Sheath diameters (mm)- 8.2, 11.0, 12.5, 15, 16, 19 and customised as required.

    Length - 10in to 40ft

    Voltage - 220 - 250, 110 common and 380 - 440 for industrial applications. (Low voltage available for series connection).

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