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Low watt density cartridge heaters

Heaters India tubular heaters are the most versatile and widely used source of heat throughout the industry, for commercial, industrial and scientific heating applications. The Basic construction of a tubular heater - it is a helical coil of nickel chromium alloy wire, precisely centered in a metal tube.

Surrounding the coil is the best combination of electrical insulator and heat conductor Magnesium Oxide. After the tube is filled with MgO, it is compacted by rolling or swaging. This elongates the tube, thickens the wire and compresses the MgO into rock hard mass.

The coil is thus permanently stabilized in the centre of the tube where it will not shift during the bending process; the circular cross section with its even distribution of the forces of expansion offers the best combination of life, thermal conductivity and die-electric strength.

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The wire element is precisely wound round a refractory former which is inserted in a SS sheath and finally compacted.

Sheaths ground to close tolerance limits.

Type 316 material available for special applications.

Suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting.

Minimum temperature differential between element and sheath ensures optimum heat transfer.

Welded end disc standard on 3/8” diameter and above lead end may be sealed in addition.

The heater is formed by a helical coil of resistance wire supported by high quality refractory formers and housed in tubular sheath. Brass or SS sheaths manufactured from closed tolerance tubing for optimum heat transfer in reamed holes. May be supplied fully sealed to prevent ingress of moisture or foreign matter. Ends, assembles with fiberglass / PTFE covered Copper leads Standard alternation insulation and mechanical protection can be specified: plain or screwed flanges may by fitted Made in 3/8”, ½”, ¾” and 1” nominal diameters with lengths from ¼” upwards (and metric sizes) Special purpose heaters are available for vertical mounting or for limited vibration, and are suitable for immersion. Voltage: 110 to 125 volts, 220 to 250 volts and special low voltage heaters like 12v and 42v. Normal maximum operation temperature for brass sheaths 3000C (for stainless steel sheaths 3500c) but subject to application.

Used for heating platens, moulds, dies, refrigeration equipment, packaging machinery, sealing & marking heads, reprographic equipment, air/ gas heating and immersion heating

LENGTH 3/8” D 1/2” D 5/8” D 3/4” D 7/8” D 1” D 1 1/4” D Price(Rs.)
2.5” 85w 100W 150W 150W /td> 175W 200W -  
3” 100W 125W 175W 175W 200W 225W -  
3.5” 120W 150W 200W 225W 250W 275W -  
4” 140W 175W 225W 250W 275W 300W 500W  
4.5” 150W 200W 250W 275W 325W 350W 500W  
5” 175W 225W 275W 300W 350W 400W 500W  
5.5” 190W 250W 300W 350W 400W 450W 500W  
6” 200W 275W 325W 375 425W 475W 500W  
7” 250W 300W 375W 450 500W 500W 750W  
8” 275W 350W 450W 500 550W 600W 750W  
9” 300W 400W 475W 550 625W 700W 1000W  
10” 350W 450W 550W 625 700W 800W 1000W  
11” 375W 500W 600W 700 800W 875W 1000W  
12” 400W 550W 650W 750 850W 950W 1500W  
15” - - 800W 950 1050W 1200W -  
18” - - 1000W 1100 1250W 1400W -  
24” - - 1300W 1500 1700W 1900W -  

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